Boston's Politically Incorrect Unique North End Tours
Hi, my name is Anthony. I am 48 years old and a lifelong resident who was born and raised in Boston’s “Little Italy” also known as the North End. The son of Italian immigrants who migrated to Boston’s North End neighborhood in the 1960’s, when the North End was comprised with 95% Italian families.
Growing up in the North End was very different back then. I will take you back with stories from the days when mothers leaned out their window sill and yelled for their kids...  “ANTHONY!!! ANTHONY”!!! “VINNY!!! VINNY!!!!”. Although these actions prompted a famous Prince Spaghetti commercial it was common practice during those times. It was amazing that no matter where you were, even 8 blocks away, you knew that your mother was looking for you. Everyone knew each other and it was passed on from window sill to window sill, kid to kid, until it reached you. Who needed cell phones with a neighborhood full of loud Italian mothers'?
My professional career has always been in the restaurant business. I have done every job associated with the business starting from busboy, to owning my own place. My culinary expertise along with knowing the neighborhood establishments and their owners gives me the inside track to guiding you to the best spots. After seeing and being involved with wine tours, food/restaurant tours, and shopping tours I came up with this tour because I realized there will be a big difference between my tours and the current ones besides that they seem boring (just my opinion). The biggest difference is that most if not all the other tour guides were not born and raised here.  Most don’t speak Italian which is a must if you want the inside stories.  Basically they are what we like to call in the neighborhood “transplants” who studied some history of the North End instead of being part of the history like I was. I can tell you about the good, the bad, and yes some of the ugly. On my tour we will visit a original Italian home and much, much more that will push us apart from any other tour in Boston.
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Boston's Politically Incorrect Walking Tour Through "Little Italy"