Boston's "Little Italy" Lunch and Dinner Tours
On this 3 hour guided walking tour we’ll visit historic sites, hidden gems, unique neighborhood shops and local hangouts. Although there will be adequate food samplings as we make our way through the neighborhood, we will consider them appetizers. The tour includes a full lunch or dinner at one of our famous pizzerias (Pizzeria Regina or Umberto’s) where there usually is a hour wait in either place,  but don’t worry we’ll do it North End style. We can also buy cold cuts and visit a local bakery for fresh bread and go back to Mama’s house in the North End and make our very own Italian Panini’s. The exciting part of our tour is that we can make our decision as a group (8 to 10 guest) depending on the majority’s mood. That’s what hanging out in Little Italy is like.

Trust your guide. Why not? I’ll refund your money if you don’t enjoy your tour. Please read concept and tour guide profile first it will give you a better understanding of this unique tour.
One stop that sets us apart from any other tour. You will visit Mama Maria’s house. You will see a North End home and relive the days when the North End was full of Italian families before the gentrification. Mama Maria will always have a Italian specialty waiting for us whether she is home or not
Of course we will visit famous Hanover Street where we will discover the best pasticcerias that offer the best cannoli, biscotti, and other Italian favorites. We will discuss the best of the best restaurants and coffee shops. With my culinary background and years of living here and of course eating here you will learn how to not get caught up in the tourist traps. Besides my tour of course
We will visit authentic Salumeria (Italian Deli) where we will sample and learn about different types of cheeses and local favorites such as prosciutto. I will teach you how to make your very own Italian Panini.
Take a walk through the open market where Italian immigrants shopped for their ingredients  (Friday & Saturday only)
Visit a very unique 80 year old coffee and spice shop.
We’ll stop by some historical sites;  Paul Revere’s house , Old North Church and the Prado where Paul Revere’s statue stands.
Visit old “Headquarters of the so alleged Boston mob” and enjoy some inside stories of the old mob days. Don’t forget I grew up here I didn’t read it in a book.
See the streets and home where Anthony from the infamous Prince Spaghetti commercial.
Visit a wine shop where we will do a mini class on Italian wines.
Lunch in "Little Italy Tour" Includes...
Our "Mama Mia" Dinner Tour...
Guided Walking Tours of "Little Italy" in North Boston
" Our Mama Mia Tour will visit all the same places as our Lunch in Little Italy tour but instead of lunch you will have the unique experience of dining in the home of a Italian icon,my mother. Maria who is better known these days as Nonna (Grandma) ,After we work up a big appetite on our walking tour you will enjoy a homemade Traditional Sunday Dinner . The menu includes salad, hand-made pasta with traditional Italian gravy with meatballs,sausages and bracciolas.

You will experience exactly what it was like growing up Italian in the North End. Hell you may even hear some great Italian swears and of course yelling .Well, yelling to non Italians but to us it's just talking.  Trust me this is the only tour you will get that!  Eight guest is the maximum size for this tour. We can only offer this tour once a week.
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Boston's Politically Incorrect Walking Tour Through "Little Italy"
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