Are you planning a trip to Boston and looking to explore its rich history? Look no further than the North End, the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood in the city. With its narrow streets, charming architecture, and vibrant culture, the North End is a treasure trove of historical landmarks that offer a glimpse into Boston’s past. Boston’s “Politically Incorrect” North End Food Tour makes a point to focus on the history of the neighborhood as the tour gets a taste of the best food in the city. 

  1. Paul Revere House

No visit to the North End is complete without stopping by the Paul Revere House, the oldest remaining structure in downtown Boston. Built around 1680, this wooden house was home to Paul Revere, a key figure in the American Revolution. Immerse yourself in history as you learn about Revere’s life as a silversmith and patriot. The Paul Revere House provides a unique window into colonial life and the events that led up to the American Revolution.

  1. Old North Church

Known as the “Little Church” in the heart of the North End, the Old North Church is another significant historical landmark. This iconic church played a pivotal role in the American Revolution when two lanterns were hung in its steeple, signaling the approach of British troops. “One if by land, two if by sea,” as immortalized by Longfellow’s poem, signaled the start of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride. Today, visitors can explore the church’s interior, admire its beautiful architecture, and learn about its place in American history.

  1. Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

For those interested in exploring Boston’s colonial-era burial sites, a visit to Copp’s Hill Burying Ground is a must. Established in 1659, this cemetery is the final resting place for many notable figures, including Increase Mather, a prominent Puritan minister, and Prince Hall, the founder of African American Freemasonry. As you wander through the gravestones, you’ll gain insights into the lives and stories of Boston’s early settlers.

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North End Walking Tour: Immerse Yourself in History

To make the most of your visit to the North End, consider taking a guided tour of the neighborhood with Boston’s “Politically Incorrect” North End Food Tour. Our experienced guide will lead you through the narrow streets, sharing fascinating stories from someone who grew up in the neighborhood and knows it better than anyone. The tour also includes stops at some of the most popular restaurants in Boston as well as some local gems. No visit to the North End is complete without taking in the storied history and enjoying the delicious food.

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