Boston’s Politically Incorrect Walking Tour Through Little Italy


Boston North End Food Tour

Boston’s “North End” aka “Little Italy” is a pocket-sized Italian neighborhood teaming with history and charm. Among the narrow streets, hidden alleyways and park benches you will find The Paul Revere House, Copp’s Hill and The Old North Church. In the next step you are standing alongside Boston’s organized crime headquarters. Absorbing the history and folklore of the North End cannot be done properly without coupling it with the culinary lining of the neighborhood. As home to over eighty restaurants and countless wine shops, bakeries, and Italian salumerias (a.k.a Italian delis) it is safe to say you won’t leave hungry!

Enough of that…let’s get to the good stuff. I am going to take you on a tour of the North End without all the formalities. (You must be seventeen years of age or have parental consent for this tour)

Authentic North End Experience

As a lifelong resident of the North End and a former restaurateur/chef for the last 30 years (all within the North End) I have seen and heard hundreds of “North End Tours”. Food tours, wine tours, pizza tours, pastry tours etc. In my “humble” opinion they are all the same…frigging boring. My take on why they suck is plain and simple…nobody is originally from the North End! These tours are mostly given by people who learned everything they know from a book! You can buy a walking tour CD and get the same information They did not grow up here to tell the tales of how it used to be and how it still is, the Good, the Bad, and especially the Ugly. They’ll tell you where the best cannoli is, the best restaurants, and the best shops. Let’s get back to my “humble” opinion; I think this is all bullshit. The places that take care of them are the best places. I personally don’t suck up to any establishments so I am free to tell you the truth! We don’t go anywhere I wouldn’t be when no one is looking. Remember, I was born and raised in the North End, I am all set with free cannoli’s

One-of-a-Kind North End Tours

My name is Anthony Gesualdi and yes, I am Italian. That seems like an obvious characteristic of a tour guide for Little Italy however most of the other tours are not run by an Italian, let alone directed by one. I really wouldn’t want an Italian running a tour of Chinatown so why do people think its ok to run a tour in the North End and not be Italian? Oh that’s right, politically correct people would say it doesn’t matter as long as you know the area, that is exactly why these are aptly called “Politically Incorrect North End Tours”! I can say without a doubt that all tours include visiting the inside of an Italian home in the neighborhood aka Mama Maria’s House (where no one leaves without having tasted some type of Italian specialty),and on our Mama Mia tour you actually get to have dinner at the house. Guaranteed no one does that on their tour. (Please see individual tour descriptions)!